TSK04 Kit: mirror polishing stainless steel box

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In Stock

SKU: TSK/04A Contents: Full instructions for use, link to video of the process, RCD/ME/125 x 1, FX87GR/100/S133 x 2, 237GR/A160/S133 x 5, 237GR/A65/S133 x5, 237GR/A30/S133 x5, SAGR/5/S105 x1, PVG/H/125 x1, FLM/12550, x1 125VEL/VZ x1, 125IT x1, 75VEL/VZ x1, 75IT x1, PV101 (green) x300g, PV/102 (pink) x300g, PV103 (chalk) x150g

Weld Removal and Mirror Polishing Stainless Steel Sheet

TSK04 contains all the product you need to:

Grind stainless steel tig welds
Remove all grind marks
Create a high reflection mirror polish finish.

For detailed guidance and tips, take a look at our Time Saving Kit 04 blog.


125VEL/VZ x1

125IT x1

75VEL/VZ x1

75IT x1

SAGR/5/S105 x1

PVG/H/125 x1

LCGR/100/S133 x2

237GR/A160/S133 x5

237GR/A65/S133 x5

237GR/A30/S133 x5

237GR/A6/S133 x5


RCD/ME/125 x1

PV/101 x1

PV/102 x1

PV/103 x1

Not Included: Finipower

TSK04 – Instructions – Full stainless steel abrasive and polishing instructions come inside the box. The basic process includes:

Grind stainless steel tig weld with the FX87GR disc
Refine the finish with Trizact and unitised discs
Mirror polish with felt and cotton products and our PV/101 and PV/102 soaps.

TSK04 – Videos – You will receive a web-link to the full TSK04 videos which gives you a detailed breakdown of the complete process.

From weld grinding
How to refine the grind lines
Correct machine speeds
The right abrasives for each step
Abrasive techniques
Creating the perfect mirror polish finish

Use the right speed: For optimum performance the TSK04 kit is best used with the Finipower (variable speed grinder).

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