Time Saving Kit: satin finish stainless mitre corners

SKU: TSK/01A Cibo Time Saving Kit:  with full details on how to satin finish stainless steel box section and mitre corners

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Brush Finishing of Flat Stainless Steel and Mitre corners
TSK01 contains all the products you need to:

Remove a stainless steel tig weld.
Refine the grind lines.
Restore a high quality satin finish and create perfect mitre corners.

For detailed guidance and tips, take a look at our Time Saving Kit 01 blog.

TSK01 – Instructions – Full stainless steel finishing instructions inside every box. The basic process includes:

Remove the stainless tig weld with a FX87GR Cibo Ceramic disc.
Refine the finish with 3M Trizact grip discs.
Use the Cibo Inoxitape to create a perfect mitre finish.
Use our FMCM abrasive combi brushes for the satin finish.

TSK01 – Videos – You will receive a web-link to the full TSK01 video which gives you a detailed breakdown of the complete process:

How to remove the weld.
How to refine the grind lines.
Correct machine speeds.
The right abrasives for each step.
Abrasive techniques.
Creating a professional brush finish.

Use the right speed: For optimum performance the TSK01 kit is best used with the Finipower (variable speed grinder).

Contents: Full instructions for use including a link to a video of the process,-  RCD/ME/125 x 1-  FX87GR/100/S133 x 2- 237GR/A160/S133 x 5-  237GR/A65/S133 x5-  237GR/A45/S133 x5- FMCM/80/12050 x1-  125VEL/VZ x1, 125IT x1-  75VEL/VZ x1-  75IT x1-  Inoxitape x 1m.


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