Backstand Grinding Machine Belts

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With a focus on aggression and stock removal, if you haven’t tried The Cibo Ceramic belts before then we would strongly recommend you give them a try when grinding on a backstand grinder.  Cibo Ceramics cut cooler and last much longer than traditional zirconia belts making them by far the most cost effective product for high aggression grinding.

  • Cibo Ceramics belts:  FX87 (heavy duty backing) , FF87 (flexible backing)
  • High performance Zirconia Belts:  HZ72
  • 3M Trizact:  237AA and 337AA
  • Cibo Surface conditioning:  VT material
  • Aluminium oxide belts:  HA66 & TX52 (heavy duty backing), JF4top (flexible backing)
Backstand Grinding Machine Belts

Backstand Grinding Machine Belts FAQs

  • Which belt do you recommend for a fine satin finish on stainless steel?

    Surface conditioning belts are available in coarse, medium and very fine grades, so for a satin 240 grit finish, the Medium SCM belt is the ideal choice with the added bonus that they leave the surface burr free.

  • Which belt material would you recommend for shaping aluminium?

    With the grinding aids and coolant impregnated into the belts, the FX87 Cibo ceramic products are excellent for grinding and shaping aluminium. Try starting with the P60 / 80 grit unless you’re a fettling heavy castings.

    If you need further help please feel free to contact us - we can make belts to any length or width you need. Standard manufacturing lead time for 'make item' belts is 7 - 10 days.

  • When would I buy a zirconia belt?

    HZ72 grinding belts are still a great product at a very competitive price, so if you are after a general purpose grinding belt you wont go far wrong. They are top coated, heavy weight polyester backed belts which can be used wet or dry with outstanding results on stainless steel and aluminium.

    If you need even greater belt life and a cool cut then the FX87 ceramic abrasive belts will give exceptional speed of cut, belt life and finish on many aerospace alloys, stainless steel, steel and even on aluminium.