Extra Long Carbide Burrs

Carbide Burrs with an extra long shank provide more manouvre and accessbility on your workpiece, whilst allowing you to grind areas which may not be possible with a standard size carbide burr.

We currently provide four extra long carbide burrs. All carbide burrs have a diamond cut profile for use on hard metals such as stainless steel, cast iron, steel plus many more high density materials.

Bull Nose Shaped Burr - Part Number: HMC/C60820/6XL 

Ball Shaped Burr - Part Number: HMC/D/61010/6XL 

Rounded Tree Shaped Burr - Part Number: HMC/F60820/6XL

Rounded Tree Shaped Burr (Larger Diameter) - Part Number: HMC/F61020/6XL

Additionally, if you find yourself working on a range of workpieces where different carbide burr shapes are required, take a look at our Extra Long Carbide Burr Set (HMC/SET/03).

Extra Long Carbide Burrs