Carbide Burr set – 3 extra long shank burrs 169mm long

SKU: HMC/SET/03 Carbide burr set 003: A range of 3 mixed diameter diamond cut burrs with extra long shanks. Overall length 169mm. Spindle diameter 6mm.

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Diamond Cut Burrs: For cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, Titanium and Cobalt alloys, composites and high density fibreglass.

Burr 1: Ball shape, 9.5 mm diameter, shape D
Burr 2: Bull nose shape, 8 mm diameter x 20 mm length, shape C
Burr 3: Rounded tree shape burr, 9.6 mm diameter, 19 mm length, shape F

with a diamond cut heads for weld preparation and root grinding.

Carbide Burr Type

Diamond Cut

Good For Stainless

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