Finitube – 110v – hand held tube polisher Kit

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SKU: SMFT/110V Cibo Finitube Kit 110 volt hand held stainless steel tube polisher kit

The Cibo Finitube hand held tube polisher is simply the best 110 volt tube polishing machine on the market for satin finishing & polishing tubes, balustrades & handrails.

The Finitube flexible arm wraps easily around the tube.  On 50mm tube the Finitube can cover up to 270 degrees of the tube in one action leaving you free to create the smooth and consistent finish.  The unique action of the Cibo Finitube also means that you can use the tube as an additional contact wheel for the abrasive belts, allowing you to finish around the bends as easily as you can work along the straight lengths of tube.  

– For a standard 240 grit satin grain use the Medium conditioning belt as your final finishing belt.
– Looking to match to a Q-Rail type finish? The blue very fine conditioning belt is normally a great option for blending and restoring the finish


Finitube Tube Polishing Machine  
Coarse Surface Conditioning Belt  (x1)
Medium Surface Conditioning Belt (x2)
Very Fine Surface Conditioning Belt (x1)
FF87 Ceramic Belts (120, 240 & 320 Grit) (x6)
Trizact Finishing Belts (A30 & A45 Grit) (x2)
Tex Sheets (x8)
FORU Rubber Sanding Block (x1)
Inoxiclean Stainless Steel Cleaner (x1)

Supplied in a strong metal case with a range of abrasives.


Finitube from Cibo

Power supply

110 volt

Vibration Data:
We can only give base test data for any of our machines as the data will vary dependent upon the speed at which the machine is working, the type and grade of the belt being used, the metal upon which you are working and also the pressure being applied.
Finitube - 1.99 m/s2

Shipping Weight: 13kg - 36 x 20 x 67cm