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Here at Abrasive Finishing Systems, we want to make the grinding and finishing of your workpiece as easy as possible so you can get the job done as soon as possible!  That is why our new and improved “Find A Solution” with over 1000 abrasive solutions is a great tool to help you understand what you really need to finish your job.  Simply answer a few questions.

As an example we wanted a solution when satin polishing a TIG welded piece of stainless steel with internal corners:

Solution Finder by Abrasive Finishing Systems

Solution Finder by Abrasive Finishing Systems UK

Solution Finder by Abrasive Finishing Systems

As you can see below, we are given options in order to do the job.  The results provided are ordered in such a way that the options which are most suitable for your job are at the top of the page and laid out in order of use.

This results page also provides a description of the product and steps to help you with the process and get the best finished result for your material.

Solution Finder by Abrasive Finishing Systems UK

We believe this process can also help us provide you with the best results as our sales team also use this tool to provide excellent service and ensure we can offer the right products for your process.

We are constantly looking to improve our Solution Provider so if you see anything missing or find an error please let us know and we will be on to it straight away.

p.s. Find a legitimate error in the Solution Provider’, let us know and we will give you an extra 10% discount off your next order.


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