How To Put A Satin Finish On 2B Stainless Steel Sheet

You hold 2B stainless steel sheet in stock and now need to put a DP1 satin finish on the surface.  What do you do?

Firstly:  What Is 2B Stainless Steel? 

2B finish stainless steel2B stainless steel is a very common mill finish supplied by steel stockholders.  It should be supplied cold rolled, softened and de-scaled.  There is then a final ‘pinch pass’ finishing process through polishing rollers.  This process is designed to give the surface a bright semi-reflective surface.  Note:  it is not mirror polished.  The surface remains a semi-bright grey in colour.

2B is the most common form of sheet or strip stainless steel as it is suitable for use in it’s supplied form but can also be post processed to achieve other finishes.


If 2B Has Been De-scaled Why Do I Struggle To Get a Consistent Satin Finish?

In our experience the biggest problem with 2B stainless steel is that it still has a thin, harder surface or skin than the main body of metal immediately below the surface.  If this skin is not cut through fully it will leave a ‘blotchy’ pattern beneath the surface of the abrasive grain finish.

So How Do I Satin Finish 2B Stainless Steel?

Neither tex / scotchbrite type brushes nor traditional combination brushes have the aggression to cut through that top skin layer.  The best way to cut through the surface until recently has been with abrasive belts on a hand held satin polishing machine such as the Cibo Finimaster.  Typically you would need to use either a P60 or P80 zirconia belt for this purpose and then refine the surface with either finer belts or wheels.

Today there is aFMCM C60 Ceramic finishnother option.  This exciting new product will not only cut through the skin consistently but it will also leave a consistent deep grained satin finish in the surface of the metal, in one action.  Developed by Cibo in partnership with Abrasive Finishing Systems the new Cibo P60 Ceramic combination brushes are an impressive addition to the stainless steel fabricators tool box.

Need a Finer Finish?

No problem.  Now you have created a consistent surface finish it is easy to refine the surface to match using our range of Tex Brushes and wheels.

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