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Satin Polishing Sleeve Belts

Machine Type Abrasive Belts Scotchbrite Belts
Finimaster Pro 385 x 100mm 395 x 100mm
Finimaster (Keyway with solid wheel) 287 x 100mm 297 x 100mm
Finimaster (Keyway tyre) 293 x 100mm 305 x 100mm
PTX (Solid wheel) 280 x 100mm 280 x 100mm
PTX (Tyre) 287 or 289 x 100mm 297 x 100mm
Flex / Metabo 280 x 100mm 280 x 100mm

The most common process we use is with a P80 grit abrasive belt followed by either a medium scotchbrite belt e.g. VT/FE2/395X100 or blend the finish with an FMTA satin polishing wheel

With the improvements in abrasive technology we recently introduced the Cibo Ceramic range of belts and sanding sleeves.  The abrasive grain in Cibo Ceramic sleeves is tougher than the now traditional zirconia belt and has the capacity to keep cutting when zirconia abrasives start to glaze over, particularly when working on stainless steel.

If you are after a fast cut and a great lifetime on harder metals then the ceramic sleeves are most definitely the best option.

Satin polisher abrasive belts work at a much lower grinding pressure so as a simple rule of thumb: if you sanded the metal with a 60 grit sanding disc then remove the marks with a 60 grit belt.