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Drum Sander Abrasive Sleeve Material Options

FX87:  Is now our most popular sleeve for use on satin polishing machines.  The heavy duty backed ceramic abrasive cloth ensures a fast cut and a long lifetime when used on satin polisher machines.  We particularly recommend the FX87 ceramics for scale removal and initial graining applications.

FX87 is available in 36, 40, 60, 80 and 120 grit

FF87:  In finer grit applications we recommend the FF87 flexible ceramic aluminium oxide abrasive sleeves on drum sanders.  FF87 allows for a softer footprint which makes it easier to blend to a finer, chatter free finish.

FF87 is available in 60, 80, 120, 150, 180, 240, 320 and 400 grit.

TZ59:  TZ59 is a strong cotton backed zirconium oxide abrasive belt.  Before the development of the range of Cibo Ceramic abrasive sleeves the zirconium oxide belts were the most popular option for stainless steel graining and sanding.  The lifetime difference when switching to ceramics is a ‘no brainer’.  Today we recommend users switch from zirconia to ceramics both to save both time and money.

TZ59 is available in 40, 60 80 and 120 grit

VT – ‘Scotch-brite’ sleeves:  Surface conditioning sleeves will always leave a clean, burr fee finish which makes them a great option for final satin finishing and graining.

What finish does a surface conditioning belt leave?

  • Coarse (brown) conditi0ning sleeves leave a 150 / 180 grit satin finish
  • Medium (maroon / red) conditi0ning sleeves leave a 240 grit satin finish
  • Very Fine (blue) conditi0ning sleeves leave a 320 grit satin finish.
  • Non-Abrasive (white) sleeves are designed to be used with polishing compounds to leave a mirror polished finish.

Trizact 337DC:  This is the green trizact abrasive sleeve.  Ideal for sanding a consistent grain finish.  Trizact 337DC is the best abrasive belt to choose if you are looking for consistency over larger areas such as on pre-grained stainless sheet.

Trizact 337DC is available in A300, A160, A100 and A65.

Use the A300 or A160 for a grain finish followed by our FMTA tex wheels to leave a ‘240 grit finish.  Sand with the A65 Trizact followed by a 280 grit or 400 grit tex keyway brush to leave a burr free 320 grit finish.

Trizact 237AA:  We recommend the 237AA Trizact sleeves when you want to mirror polish sheet or box section.  The Trizact 237AA sleeves are an aluminium oxide grain with a fine pyramidal structure which makes it more flexible than the 337DC material.  237AA Trizact is also available in much finer grit sizes.

Trizact 237AA is available:  A160, A100, A80, A65, A45, A30, A16 and A6

To mirror polish flat sheet and box section with a satin polisher or drum sander we recommend the following Trizact sequence to take the surface up to a bright finish ready for final polishing:  After a 180 grit abrasive sleeve, Trizact 237AA, A65, A30, A16 and A6.  This sequence will leave the stainless steel with a good reflection but it will not be a bright mirror polished finish.  To achieve a mirror polished finish use the T00 non-abrasive belts with our PV/101 and PV/102 polishing compounds.

Note:  Trizact abrasive grit sizing works in the opposite way to traditional coated abrasive belts.

  • A300 grit = 80 grit available in 337DC and 237AA Trizact material
  • A160 grit = 120 grit available in 337DC and 237AA Trizact material
  • A100 grit = 220 grit available in 337DC and 237AA Trizact material
  • A80 grit   = 240 grit available in 337DC and 237AA Trizact material
  • A65 grit   = 280 grit available in 337DC and 237AA Trizact material
  • A45 grit   = 400 grit available in 337DC and 237AA Trizact material
  • A30 grit   = 800 grit available in 237AA Trizact material
  • A16 grit   = 1400 grit available in 237AA Trizact material
  • A6 grit     = 2000 grit available in 237AA Trizact material

Which Size of Sleeve Does my Satin Polisher Use?

The biggest challenge is to select the correct sleeve size for your satin polisher machine.  If the drum sander has an inflatable tyre then there will be a little bit of play in the correct sleeve size.  If it is a solid rubber wheel then the sleeve size is more critical.  Below is a list of the sleeve sizes we recommend on the most common satin polishers / drum sanders.

Machine Type Abrasive Sleeves Scotchbrite Sleeves
Finimaster Pro 385 x 100mm 395 x 100mm
Finimaster (Keyway with solid wheel) 287 x 100mm 297 x 100mm
Finimaster (Keyway tyre) 293 x 100mm 305 x 100mm
PTX (Solid wheel) 280 x 100mm 280 x 100mm
PTX (Tyre) 287 or 289 x 100mm 297 x 100mm
Flex / Metabo / Fein 280 x 100mm 280 x 100mm


Satin Polishing Sleeve Belts

The most common process we use is with a P80 grit abrasive belt followed by either a medium scotchbrite belt e.g. VT/FE2/395X100 or blend the finish with an FMTA satin polishing wheel

With the improvements in abrasive technology we recently introduced the Cibo Ceramic range of belts and sanding sleeves.  The abrasive grain in Cibo Ceramic sleeves is tougher than the now traditional zirconia belt and has the capacity to keep cutting when zirconia abrasives start to glaze over, particularly when working on stainless steel.

If you are after a fast cut and a great lifetime on harder metals then the ceramic sleeves are most definitely the best option.

Satin polisher abrasive belts work at a much lower grinding pressure so as a simple rule of thumb: if you sanded the metal with a 60 grit sanding disc then remove the marks with a 60 grit belt.