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03 August, 2018

How To Remove Rust From Stainless Steel With Inoxiclean

Inoxiclean Restore Set (ICRE) prevents rust from occuring on stainless steel as well as removing contamination and rust from your workpiece.Once you have achieved your high quality finish on stainless steel, it makes sense to enhance the finish that little bit more. Whether it be applying a protective layer, or simply removing polishing residue and contaminants, the InoxiClean range allows you to do all this and more.

Alternatively, do you need to restore some tired looking stainless steel back to its former glory? We can do that too…

Inoxiclean RestoreInoxiclean Restore is 100% biodegradable meaning it is safe for use in industrial kitchens and public spaces.

Stainless steel rusts. You want to do what you can to avoid this from happening, but in certain environments, such as in swimming pools or in coastal areas this is a lot harder to prevent. Inoxiclean Restore is your solution.

In general, rust occurs because oxygen cannot get to the surface of the stainless steel meaning a new chromium layer cannot form. It is important to keep on top of this contamination and regular restoration work extends the lifespan of your stainless steel.

Flash rust is the most common type of rust found in a workshop when carbon steel and stainless steel are manufactured in the same area. This is due to small steel particles coming into contact with the stainless steel and starting to oxidise.

Mechanical rust is also common within a workshop, manufacturing stainless steel in ways such as welding, bending and cutting causes the stainless steel to become weaker at those points of contact meaning the natural preservation of the stainless steel is impeded.Inoxiclean restores stainless steel to its original finish. Prevents corrosion and contamination.

Stainless steel in coastal areas, as touched upon earlier is suspectible to rusting and contamination damage. This is because the sea water contains salt and causes localised damage and pitting on stainless steel such as on boat hand rails or coastal street furniture.

Thankfully, Inoxiclean Restore offers a simple three step process to remove rust and contamination for all 3 of the above mentioned issues, ensuring your stainless steel has it’s original finish reinstated. Inoxiclean Restore is 100% biodegradable meaning that it is safe for use in food preparation areas such as industrial kitchens as well as public areas such as swimming pools.

  1. Begin by applying the Inoxiclean Restore to your workpiece, ensuring that all the contamination is covered and leave for 5 minutes
  2. Gently aggitate the surface using a non-abrasive tex pad, this allows the Restore to get to work
  3. Finally, use a clean, microfibre cloth to wipe away the Inoxiclean Restore and the orignal finish to your stainless steel will be renewed

Inoxiclean Restore removes rust, tea staining and contamination from stainless steel, taking the stainless steel back to its original finish.

Even though stainless steel is one of the tougher metals in production, Inoxiclean Restore will never be a one step solution to stop your stainless steel rusting as eventually the metal will have dirt and contamination. Inoxiclean Restore is a product to prevent rust and restore your stainless steel before it is too late. With regular maintenance and TLC, you can extend the life of your stainless steel with this simple, easy to use product.

Inoxiclean Restore leaves a protective layer on your workpiece which repels water and prevents dirt from attacking the surface, ensuring it is safer from corrosion for longer. To prolong the look of your stainless steel for longer, use Inoxiclean Spray in conjunction with the Inoxiclean Restore for routine cleaning of the workpiece.

Inoxiclean Spray for Stainless Steel. Cleans and applies a protective layer to your stainless steel preventing grease and finger prints.

Inoxiclean Spray (Part No. SPIC)

What Is It? A stainless steel spray cleaner used to remove fingerprints and grease marks from brushed stainless steel to leave a protective film on your workpiece. Inoxiclean spray can also be used on laminated plastics and ceramic tiles to clean and remove blemishes.

How To Use: Shake can well before use and apply on your workpiece (approx 15cm away). Wipe off the Inoxiclean immediately using a clean fine microfibre cloth to ensure a smooth finish.


  1. Excellent cleansing properties
  2. Neutral fragrance
  3. Provides a protective film to prevent new blemishes and fingerprints

Inoxiclean Foamic (Part No. FOAMIC)Inoxiclean Foam cleans mirror polished stainless steel enhancing a high quality finish.

What Is It? Cleaning product for mirror polished stainless steel, removing dirt and finger prints without damaging and scratching the polished surface.

How To Use: Shake can well before use and spray on to your mirror polished stainless steel. Allow the foam to form before wiping away using a clean microfibre cloth to ensure you do not scratch the surface.


  1. Adds a final finishing touch to your mirror polished stainless steel
  2. Fast action product, removing dirt and finger prints leaving a streak free finish

Vienna Chalk (Part No. PV/103)Inoxiclean chalk removes polishing grease and residue from stainless steel.

What Is It? A cleansing chalk to remove polising residue and grease from your stainless steel

How To Use: Sprinkle generously on to your stainless steel whilst the surface is still warm and wipe away using a soft microfibre cloth to remove polishing residue without scratching the surface.


  1. Removes polishing grease quickly and simply
  2. Doesn’t effect the final finish once the polishing residue has been removed
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