InoxiClean Restore Set

SKU: ICRE/SET InoxiClean Restore Set:  Removes rust and tarnish from stainless steel

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New from Cibo abrasives is the InoxiClean Restore for cleaning and revitalising tired, dirty, rusty stainless steel and other metals.

Inoxiclean Restore will seep into the surface of rusty and tarnished stainless steel to remove the contamination and leave a clean bright finish

Description: The InoxiClean Restore Kit contains everything you need to effectively restore a wide range of surfaces with ease.
Kit Contents:
1 x ICRE/500 – InoxiClean Restore 500ml
8 x T/00/140100 – Tex Non Abrasive Sheets
1 x HG12080 – Tex Sheet Holder Handle
1 x ICMV/XF/400400 – Extra Fine Microfibre Cloth
1 x ICMV/F/400400 – Fine Micro Fibre Cloth

note: Inoxiclean Restore will not remove surface pitting caused by corrosion

How InoxiClean Restore works:

1. Spray the InoxiClean Restore onto the surface of the tarnished stainless steel.  2.  Use the non-abrasive pads to spread the Restore over the damaged area then leave it for 5 minutes.  3.  If the contamination is particularly bad then use the non-abrasive pad once again to ensure good contact with the surface then once the Restore has had time to work wipe it off with the dark blue cloth.  4.  Finally wipe over the clean surface with the dampened fine cloth.  
InoxiClean Restore is 100% biodegradeable and is suitable for use in food environments.
Customers use InoxiClean Restore for...- Cleaning stainless steel bollards & street furniture.- Removing tarnish on swimming pool rails and steps- Vehicle exhaust systems-  Industrial bakeries


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