InoxiClean Restore 5l (VLIC)

SKU: ICRE/5000 5 litre container of Inoxi Clean Restore

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Bulk 5 litre container of InoxiClean Restore for removing rust, dirt and impurities, simply and easily.

Cibo abrasive’s new biodegradeable product suitable for use in industrial kitchens due to it’s gentle working action. So gentle it does not affect the protective oxide layer on stainless steel.

Applications: Suitable for use on copper, aluminium and stainless steel to deep clean and remove the surface from rust, acid rain, dust, oil, grease and general grime, just spray InoxiClean Restore onto the workpiece, allow to dwell for 5 minutes, rub with a non abrasive handpad, rinse and wipe clean with a soft clean microfibre cloth. The surface will be returned to it’s previous uncontaminated finish. (Please note that this product will not remove scratches or pitting caused by corrosion)


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