Tube Polishing Machines

Tube Polishing Machines

There is a wide range of tube polishing machines or tube polishers on the market to fit the many needs of the tube fabrication industry. Tight radius bends, wide curves, or simple long lengths. But achieving a consistent high quality finish is possible when you match the right machine to your process.

Hand Held Tube Polishing Machines

Cibo’s Finitube Machine. When Cibo were developing the original Finitube, existing machines on the market did a reasonable job on straight tubes. But struggled to polish curves. But by creating a completely new way of holding the machine, with an arm that wraps around the tube, it meant that the users control hand was directly over the tube making bends easy.

There is no limit to the maximum tube diameter because the mouth of the Finitube will keep opening up. But in practical terms we recommend 5″ or 127mm diameter tubes are the largest practical diameter. Manufactured with a 1700 watt variable speed motor in both 110 and 230 volt options. And with the power being taken out to the end of the arm with strong v-drive belts you can be confident you will get the best performance out of your abrasives.

View the Cibo Finitube.

Cibo’s Finimaster Machine. Primarily designed for stainless steel brush finishing on flat surfaces, Finimaster machines have the option for a tube polishing head. You can use a combination of Tex Surface Conditioning belts and a Finimaster to put a satin finish on tubes.

View the Cibo Finimaster.

Free Standing Tube Polishing Machines

Garboli’s LPC160 Mirror Polishing Machine. This Garboli machine can polish straight and bent tubes with equal simplicity. At the heart is a powerful rotation disc, through with the tube or round bar is passed. Mounted onto the discs is a pair of polishing belts powered by a separate motor. These polishing belts can be adjusted to suit varying tube diameters.

Popular applications for the LCP160 Mirror include plumbing fixtures, pre-polishing for tube preparation, marine handrails, pushpit & pulpit polishing, brass towel rail polishing, lighting fixtures, and non-ferrous metal polishing applications.

Click for more details on the Garboli LPC160 Mirror.

Garboli’s LPC300 Orbital Tube Sanding and Polishing Machine. The LPC300 is the most popular tube and pipe polisher for stainless steel fabricators. Originally developed for the sanding of cane furniture, it is now the number one process for stainless steel tubes. It can sand and polish straight and bent tubes with equal simplicity. Tubes can be moved in any direction at any speed through the Garboli LPC300.

Popular applications include aerospace engine pipe manufacturing, plastic tube preparation, steel shaft dressing and sanding, bicycle frame sanding, marine handrails, and bollards.

For more details on the LPC300 Garboli machines.

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