Carbide Burr 6mm Diam Diamond Cut w/ Inverted Cone Head

SKU: HMC/N61212/6 Carbide Burr - Diamond Cut - Inverted ConeSpindle - 6 mm, Overall length 57 mmBurr head size: length 12.7mm, end diameter 12.7mm, base diameter 8mm)

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Diamond Cut Burrs: For cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, Ti and Co alloys, composites and high density fibreglass.

Shape N is an inverted cone carbide burr. Designed to help bevel edges under a lip or for getting into the awkward corner in the bottom of a tank or vessel.

The burr head is 12.7 mm diameter at the widest point and 12.7 mm in length. total overall length 57 mm

Note: The N shaped tungsten carbide burrs do not have an end cut.

Carbide Burr Diameter

8mm min / 12.7mm

Carbide Burr Length


Carbide Burr Type

Diamond Cut

Good For Stainless

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