5 piece Carbide Burr set – 5 shapes – use on hard metals

SKU: HMC/SET/01 Carbide burr set 001: A range of mixed diameter and shaped diamond cut carbide burrs for weld preparation and finishing All burrs have 6 mm spindles

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Diamond Cut Burrs: For cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, Titanium and Cobalt alloys, composites and high density fibreglass.

With a range of different burrs Carbide Burr Set 1 is ideal for welders and metal fabricators.

Burr 1: Cylindrical burr, 9.5 mm diameter, x 19 mm length, shape A HMC/A61020/6
Burr 2: Ball shape, 12.7 mm diameter, shape D HMC/D61212/6
Burr 3: Rounded tree shape, 12.7 mm diameter x 25 mm length, shape F HMC/F61225/6
Burr 4: Flame shape burr, 8 mm diameter, 19 mm length, shape H HMC/H60820/6
Burr 5: Rounded cone shape, 8 mm diameter, 22 mm length, shape L HMC/L60822/6

If you want to work on aluminium and non-ferrous metals we recommend our set HMC/SET/02 (see below)

Carbide Burr Type

Diamond Cut

Good For Stainless

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