5 piece Carbide Burr set 5 shapes for Welding Preparation

SKU: HMC/SET/04 Carbide burr set 004: A range of mixed diameter and shaped diamond cut carbide burrs for weld preparation and grinding. All burrs have 6 mm spindles

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Welders Set – Diamond Cut Carbide Burrs: For steel, stainless steel, Titanium and Cobalt alloy weld prep.

Use the different tungsten carbide burr shapes for opening up cracks, cleaning out the welding root and for shaping of fillet welds.

With a range of different burrs Carbide Burr Set 4 is ideal for welders and metal fabricators.

Burr 1: Bull Nose burr, 9.5 mm diameter, x 19 mm length, shape C
Burr 2: Teardrop shape, 9.5 mm diameter, shape E
Burr 3: Rounded tree shape, 9.5 mm diameter x 19 mm length, shape F
Burr 4: Pointed Tree shape burr, 12.7 mm diameter, 19 mm length, shape G
Burr 5: Flame shape,12.7 mm diameter, 32mm length, shape H

Carbide Burr Type

Diamond Cut

Good For Stainless

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