GA6 Combi Unitised Fillet Weld Polish Disc 150 x 6 x 25.4mm

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SKU: GA/6/T31 FinitEasy GA Combi Unitised Fillet Weld Removal and Polishing Disc / Wheel - GA6, 150 x 6 x 25.4 mm

The NEW Cibo Combi Unitised Fillet Weld Polishing Discs / Wheels. 100% control and a 30% reduction in process time. Available in 3 grades.
GA/6/T31 discs are Grade 6, 150 mm x 6 mm x 25.4 mm.

Which GA Combi Grade should you use?

There is an ideal Combi Unitised disc for any task or for anyone’s personal preference.  Rebel One Combi Unitised is available in three grades:

– GA/6 Light weld removal and super fine finish
– GA/7 Medium weld removal and a super fine finish
– GA/8 Heavier weld and stock removal and a super fine finish

What is the Composition of Combi Unitised Discs?

GA Discs have a unique and patented combination of two specific unitised discs.

A hard core is responsible for flawless grinding of welds. The soft sides of the flexible disc raise the finish to the highest level. 

Tips and Tricks:
1. Speed – 3,000 rpm is the ideal speed for this disc. A faster speed would result in premature wearing of the disc. Slower would leave you working inefficiently and uncomfortable with a risk of bouncing.

2. Angle and Movement – Grind at a 45 degree angle. Move smoothly over the weld seam until it has been ground away.  Let the disc to its work and do not exert too much pressure.

3. Use the Sides – Ben the disc in such a way that you only touch the workpiece with the sides. Follow a zig-zag pattern to fully finish the weld seam. 

After a Mirror Polish?
Mirror polish directly after the GA discs with the Cibo’s PV/102 and Felt Discs.


Fillet Weld Grinder (FinitEasy)

Grit Size

Density 6 / 5

Cibo Product Code




Centre Hole or Bore

25.4, 25.4mm


6 mm

Good For Aluminium

Tig Welds

Good For Stainless

Radius and Polish Tig Welds

Backing Type


Grit Type

Silicon Carbide