FinitEasy Hand Held Fillet

The Cibo FinitEasy Fillet Weld Grinder: The original and best tool for fillet weld grinding and finishing of Tig welds.

The FinitEasy machine allows you to:

  • Grind out fillet welds with the flexible, high aggression unitised discs.
  • Blend and pre-polish with the SA5 Cibo unitised discs.
  • Mirror polish with felt non-abrasive discs and our PV/102 soaps.

And with the new Cibo Rebel One unitised discs, steel MIG weld grinding and blending becomes possible too.

Easier Processing. Faster Finishing. Brighter Polishing. FinitEasy.

For more information check out our FAQ’s at the bottom of the page

FinitEasy Hand Held Fillet

FinitEasy Hand Held Fillet FAQs