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Tex, Unitised & Combi Spindle Flap Wheels

Scotch-brite / tex wheels are made with an open nonwoven we structure.  Unitised abrasives take the web structure, compress the fleece, imregnate the fleece structure with abrasives and a flexible resin systems.  This gives them a number of specific characteristics:

  • Increased durability, dependent on density.  As the density increases so wheel lifetime also increases.  And related to this is…
  • Flexibility.  As the density increases the flexibility of the unitised product will decrease.  So, for example,
    • an MA7 will cut into metal surface quite easily whereas an
    • FA3 will remove colour and leave a bright satin finish but it will not remove metal at all
  • Finer finishing.  The soft resin matrix that the abrasive is held in means that the unitised abrasives give a much finer finish than you would expect given their ability to remove metal


Cibo manufacture 3 different series of unitised wheel on a spindle.

  • S-Line (SAUS) – The most familiar member of the Unitised family, allowing you to remove scratches, weld discolouration and correcting sanding errors whilst maintaining a high quality, pre-polished finish. Available in grades 5 – 7 (5 softest – 7 firmest)
  • F-Line (FAUS) – A softer, more flexible and forgiving product when compared to the S-Line range. The F-Line range of products provides more control over your workpiece, allowing you to easily remove paint and coatings from metal whilst helping you achieve a soft satin finish.
  • M-Line (MAUS) – A more aggressive alternative to the other lines, allowing you to achieve greater material removal – thin MAUS wheels will remove fine TIG welds on stainless steel whilst still applying a satin finish to your workpiece.