Finimaster Drum Sander

FinimastFinimaster Proer Pro: The premium satin finishing and polishing tool drives all the wheels mops and belts directly off the M14 thread. Wheels and tyres for this machine are 120mm in diameter and the handle is designed to be flexible in operation allowing you to follow curves very easily.  Which means you get: 

Fast high quality finishing, a wide footprint, no chatter marking, great workpiece visibility on tubes and curved surfaces along with the ability to go right up to the edges.

Finimaster BasicFinimaster Basic: The Finimaster basic uses the more traditional 4" diameter wheels with a 19mm keyway fixing. We supply it as a standard with an inflatable tyre but a solid rubber belt drive wheel is also available. 

Both machines are available on their own or with an extensive range of brushes, finishing and abrasive wheels, as well as grinding and polishing belts available ex-stock. 

Finimaster Drum Sander

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