Finipower Angle Grinders + Polishers

Finipower Variable Speed Angle Grinder:  High Torque. High Power. High Performance.


Having tested every machine on the market we know we don't sell the cheapest variable speed grinders.  But we are confident they are as good as you can buy.  Finipower machines work and they keep working, with the torque to do whatever you demand of them and the lifetime to make them the most cost effective option.  We supply two different variable speed grinders which cover the full range of speed options:

Finipower- metal - SMMS6:  A 1200 watt motor supplies all the torque you need even at it's slowest speed and with a maximum speed of 6,500rpm it is ideal for stainless steel and non-ferrous grinding and finishing applications.

Finipower - polishing - SMFP:  Again it comes with a 1200 watt power unit but operates at a much slower speed rating which makes it ideal for polishing applications on glass and stone and for delicate metal finishing operations.

Finipower Angle Grinders + Polishers

Finipower Angle Grinders + Polishers FAQs

  • Why do I need a variable speed grinder?

    Think of a cutting tool - nobody uses cutting tools at the same speed, regardless of the type of metal they are cutting. Now, think of your abrasive disc as a cutting tool and the answer becomes obvious.  Reduce the speed when cutting or grinding stainless steel or aluminium and the life time of your disc will increase manifold. In addition to this, the control you have during your process will improved.

  • What is the Cibo Finit-All machine?

    The Cibo Finit-All uses a planetary gear drive with a very narrow grinder head, which means that you can get into a 45 degree angle with ease.

    The Finit-All is a variable speed grinder which has a minium of 2,000 RPM and a maximum 7,000 RPM which makes it suited to the grinding, finishing and polishing of stainless steel.