Tube Polishing Machine Belts

Abrasive Belts for All Types of Hand Held Tube Polisher

The most common tube polishing machines are listed below, simply click on your machine to see suitable abrasive belts. If you have a tube polisher from a manufacturer which isn't listed, please contact us to discuss your needs.

For weld removal we recommend our ceramic belts which have grinding aids which outperform traditional zirconia belts by at least 3 times.

Tube Polishing Machine Belts

Tube Polishing Machine Belts FAQs

  • Which belt will give me a 240 grit finish?

    Blend any previous sanding marks with the FF87 120 grit belts and then finish with the medium surface conditioning belts to leave a soft satin 240 grit finish.

  • How do I match a standard Q-Rail tube finish?

    Q-Rail tubes have a slightly finer finish than the traditional P240 grit finish. Pre-finish with a P180 FF87 belt, and then use the very fine surface conditioning belt to blend the finish with the original Q-Rail tube.

    For the Cibo Finitube the part numbers are:

    1. P80 grit belt (if needed)         FF87/80/675X40
    2. P180 grit belt to refine finish  FF87/180/675X40
    3. Very fine conditioning belt      VT/RC3/675X40
  • Can I mirror polish with tube polishers?

    It is possible to do small repair work, but we do not recommend hand held tube polishers for large area mirror polishing. Use the non-abrasive surface conditioning belts with our PV/101 polishing soap once you have prepared the surface.

  • What size of abrasive belt does my tube polisher use?

    There are several sizes of abrasive belt used on different manufacturer's tube polisher machines.

    • The Cibo Finitube uses 675mm x 40mm belts.
    • The Metabo RBE 15 along with a number of imported machines from Asia use the same grinding head which works with 760 x 40mm abrasive belts, but there are several belt sizes whicb are commonly used.
    • Fein and Poly-Romy use 820mm x 40mm belts.
    • Suhner and Metabo have a mini belt tube polisher which uses belts 533 x 30mm
    • The Flex LBR1503 uses belts 610 x 40mm

    We stock a wide range of tube polishing belts, but if you cannot see the belts you need, then please contact us. We can manufacture any belt you require. The standard production lead time is 7 - 10 working days.