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19mm Keyway Combi & Tex Flap Brushes

There are two issues you need to consider before mounting a keyway brush onto an angle grinder.

  1. The max safe operating speed of the brushes
  2. Whether the bearings on ther angle grinder are designed to cope with the torsion created when working with a wide brush

Max Operating Speed of Keyway Brushes

All FMTA and FMCA brushes have a max operating speed of 5,700 rpm which means that they will only be rated safe to operate on variable speed grinders and sander polisher machines

Safe use of Angle Grinder With Keyway Brushes

Most angle grinders are designed to work with thin cutting discs & flap discs which operate close to, or in line with the bearing head.  We do not recommend working with 100mm wide keyway wheels on a standard or variable speed angle grinder unless it is specifically recommended by the machine manufacturer.

Note:  Cibo can supply a 50mm conversion shaft for mounting FMTA or FMCA keyway brushes onto.  This conversion shaft means you can also mount sleeves and belts onto your variable speed grinder.  To find out more about the shaft mounting and how to mount sleeves onto your grinder why not read our latest blog:  Turn Your Variable Speed Grinder into a full-on Drum Sander

Aluminium oxide flaps interleaved with a tex material to remove stock and achieve a decorative finish in one operation.

FMCA combination flap wheels with a 19mm keyway fitting will leave a high quality finish on stainless steel, aluminium and brass as well as many other materials.

They have a higher rate of cut when compared to the standard tex brushes and can be used to clean and sanitise, remove rust and oxidation, remove scratches and leave a lined structured finish.

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