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Which Type of Velcro Backing Pad should I use?

There are 3 variations on velcro backing pads

  1. The familiar small hook  velcro hooks are used for traditional coated abrasive discs
  2. Surface conditioning discs need a stronger hook fixing to prevent the disc flying off in use.  We therefore recommend the AX hook fixing for SCM discs
  3. For extra security Cibo developed the SCN backing pad system which is the ideal option for ensuring surface conditioning discs not only stay on the backing pad well but they also reduce the risk of vibration from the disc being offset.

Which Backing Pad is best for the Trizact disc System?

The unique construction of the Trizact abrasives mean that they generate heat quickly when used at high speed.  The obvious simple solution is to work at a slower speed on a variable speed angle grinder but, in addition, to counter this Cibo developed the VEL/VZ backing pads.  VEL/VZ backing pads use a high temperature thermoset bonding system on the backing pads to ensure excellent backing pad and disc life.

In addition Cibo recommend using the IT interface pads on the backing pad.  Not only will the IT interface pads improve disc life but they will also reduce your backing pad costs.