Free Standing Machines

Check out our extensive range of metal processing machines including:

Abrasive Belt Machines: Flat bed abrasive belt grinders, orbital tube sanders and polishers, centreless abrasive belt tube polishers, tube notchers and backstand grinders

Deburring Machines: Garboli wire process tube end deburring machines to 200mm diameter.

Tube Processing Machines (Garboli)

Garboli Orbital Tube Grinding, Sanding & Polishing Machines (bent tubes):

  • Drawn Wire Sanding:  LPC300 - LPC500  
  • Balustrades & Bull Bar Polishing:  - LPC300 - LPC300 MIRROR.  Grind, finish and mirror polish.  Max 104mm diameter tubes
  • Architectural Hardware:  LPC90 - LPC160 - LPC160 MIRROR.  Max diameter 50mm 
  • Tap & Faucet satin & polishing machines:  LPC160 - LPC160 MIRROR. Maximum tube diameter 50mm (46mm for mirror polishing)

Garboli Centreless Tube Grinders & Polishers (straight tubes):

  • Tube Sanding & Polishing:  LT130 - LT200 - TRIS.  For medium & high volume production.  Max tube diameter 203mm
  • Centreless Polishing & Tube Notching:  NOK150.  
  • Centreless Polishing & Box Tube Sanding:  DUO.  89mm diameter tube and 150mm wide box section

Other Tube Processing Machines

  • Square & Round Tube End Deburring:  ROTOR200.  Heavy duty dual action deburring machine from Garboli.  Max diameter 200mm

Want to see Garboli machines in operation?  For a live demonstration visitors are always welcome at our UK demonstration centre in Ripon. 

Tube Notchers & Backstand Grinders

Tube notchers and backstand grinders are the workhorse of the metal fabrication shop.  So it makes sense to make sure you have the right gear.

Garboli NOK150 Tube Notcher:  The Rolls Royce of tube notching machines.  

  • With a water cooled head, if you want an abrasive belt tube notcher that will just work and keep working, and save money on abrasive usage for the lifetime of the machine then the NOK150 is the machine for you. 
  • And even better you can satin polish the tube with the centreless wheel attachment on the head of the machine.

BGU Backstand Grinder: 

  • With a powerful 5.5Hp motor the BGU backstand abrasive belt grinder works with standard 2000 x 150mm abrasive belts for great performance and an economic belt life.

Flat Bed Belt Grinding & Deburring Machines

Garboli MODULO: 

  • Inter-changeable multi head machine. 
  • Max production width 300mm
  • Integrated wet filtration to ensure long abrasive belt life, high quality finish & cool working 
  • Abrasive belt, abrasive brush and separate deburring head options available

 Garboli DUO: 

  • Through feed belt grinder with optional centreless tube. 
  • Flat sheet max production width 150mm
  • Box section max working depth 100mm
  • Tube max working diameter 89mm
  • Optional integrated wet filtration system for cool operation and extended abrasive belt life 

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