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Abrasive belt linishers are one of the most common machines in engineering workshops.  The linishers get used for every kind of little job.  Deburring, creating a square edge, rounding off a bit of metal, sanding welding tips, the list is endless.

In most of the more common applications table linishers are only used for medium aggression applications and therefore the most popular abrasive belts supplied on table linisher belts are our HZ72 zirconium oxide 60 grit and 80 grit.

Why Zirconium Oxide Belts on the Linisher?

We can supply ceramic, zirconia and aluminium oxide belts from stock for the table linisher machines.  Each of these abrasive grits have their place.  As table linishers are used for general purpose applications it is difficult to measure the additional performance advantage received from the  Cibo Ceramics.  The same argument could be said for using an aluminium oxide abrasive linisher belts but the zirconia belts will also cut much quicker and sharper.  That extra speed is noticeable right from first use.

Do you stock 36 grit table linisher belts?

We also stock the 36 grit zirconia belts for when high stock removal is required.  We would recommend our HZ72 zirconia belts for steel and stainless steel grinding when you want to use a table linisher for shaping

Belts for Table Linishing Machines

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