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19mm Keyway Abrasive Brushes + Wheels FAQs

We supply keyway wheels and brushes in a range of grit types:

Aluminium Oxide – will clean, grain and apply a textured surface finish on stainless steel and non-ferrous metals

Tex / Scotch-brite – remove light damage and scratches to leave a fine satin finish.  Ideal for cleaning a re-graining aluminium

Interleaved – again, removes surface damage and will blend a 240 grit finish.  More durable on edges than the Tex brushes

Rubber – an abrasive grain bonded into the flexible rubber allows an even grain finish to be applied to your workpiece

Because the Ginger Ninja lasts a very long time, has the ability to cut quickly and leaves a great finish.


Like all good products the Cibo Ginger Ninja keyway polishing brush was first developed to solve a customer problem.


We had a particular customer who needed to remove scale and leave a grain finish on 8mm stainless steel plate in a food factory.  The wheel did such a good job that we thought everybody else should be able to use it.  The ‘Ginger Ninja’ is now one of our best selling products.

It is made from a high performance ceramic cloth, which is why it can put a grain finish on the scale, combined with a strong fleece which blends the heavier cut to a clear satin finish.

Press on hard and the the wheel cuts.  Back off and allow the fleece to blend the surface to leave a consistent burr free finish.


p.s.  It is not really called the Ginger Ninja.  But we like the name so much that we never call it the FMCAC/60/100100.  Why would we??


Lots of our customers use the FMTA grade 80 wheel for removing light scratches & finishing with a soft satin finish on aluminium panels.

Advantages:  Because of the open Tex structure the wheel can run at a nice low speed so it avoids the risk of creating an ‘orange peel’ effect on the surface of the aluminium and the aluminium will not clog the wheel.