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Cibo FinitEasy


For access into tight corners to grind finish or polish welds then the Cibo FinitEasy is the tool for you.  The long reach arm on the FinitEasy allows for access into deep channels, tight corners and balustrade handrails on a 30 degree angle.

FinitEasy Motor

The FinitEasy is powered by a 1700 watt variable speed motor with a planetary gear head.  The variable speed ensures full control when grinding finishing and polishing the fillet welds.  Speed can be varied between 1,000 and 4,300rpm  Power is taken out to the abrasive discs by a strong v-drive belt encased in a solid machined aluminium body to consistent performance without excessive weight.  The drive belt is mounted directly into the head of the motor to ensure  high torque and control.

5 degrees makes all the difference.  After many years experience of working with our customers to ensure optimum performance, when Cibo re-designed the FinitEasy they set the arm at 5 degrees offset.  The perfect angle to ensure ease of use and perfect access.  The machined aluminium arm means that only 25mm deep the FinitEasy has better access than any fillet weld grinder on the market.

Secure & Flexible Guard on the FinitEasy

On the rear of the FiniEasy arm is a quick release button.  Depress the button to allow the guard to slide to the ideal position to allow a view of the workpiece whilst ensuring good operator protection.

How to Mirror Polish a Stainless Fillet Weld with the Cibo FinitEasy

The first option is to use the Cibo Time Saving Kit set 5 process.  This is a 3 stage process

  1. Remove and blend the weld with the MA8 unitised fillet weld grinding discs
  2. Blend the finish, pre-polish the surface and remove any weld discolouration with the SA5 unitised disc
  3. Bright polish the weld with the MHV felt disc and our PV/102 polishing compound

The second option is to use the new Cibo GA combination unitised fillet weld grinding discs

  1. Use the GA 8 Combi disc to remove the fillet weld and then pre-polish the stainless in one action
  2. Bright polish the weld with the MHV felt disc and our PV/102 polishing compound


FinitEasy Hand Held Fillet Weld Grinder

We always supply the FinitEasy in a sturdy metal carrying case.  It is available in a kit with an extensive selection of consumables or as a machine on it’s own.


At AFS we recommend you buy the machine on it’s own and then buy one of the Cibo Time Saving Kits dependent on what you are looking to achieve.

  • Either the Cibo Time Saving Kit for satin finished fillet welds (TSK/02)
  • Or the Cibo Time Saving Kit for Mirror Polished fillet welds (TSK/05).

Our full range of fillet weld grinding discs, including the brand new patented Combi Unitised discs can be found here.

Yes.  We have many customers who regularly use the Finit-Easy with cutting discs.  The FinitEasy is supplied with a reversible backing flange.  On one side is a flange to fit 25.4mm discs such as the unitised discs, flip it over for the 22mm flange which fits flap discs, cutting discs and a whole other range of abrasive products.

It is also worth considering the Finit-All machine.  With the narrow planetary gear head, it has a higher maximum speed than the Finit-Easy which will improve the speed of cut and is better suited for use with cutting discs.

Yes, Cibo can mount the FinitEasy onto a high power air tool. Contact AFS for more information.

The FinitEasy is primarily designed for stainless steel finishing, so you can use the machine at any speed and achieve great results. However, in our experience, running the machine between 3 – 4,000 RPM is ideal for most weld removal and finishing processes. For mirror finishing, you may wish to increase the speed a little.

For a typical hand rail application where you need to achieve a 240 or 320 grit finish, we would recommend either our MA/8/T30 discs or the new GA/8/T31 combination discs.  Both of these discs will remove the weld and leave a high quality finish

Acheive a mirror polished finish on stainless steel fillet welds with the Cibo FinitEasy fillet weld grinder.

Stage 1:  Remove the tig weld and put a fine, blended satin finish on the tube with the GA/7/T31 combination unitised discs

Stage 2:  Polish and blend the sanding lines from the GA7 disc with a felt disc and the PV/102 polishing compound.

Another Cibo Innovation.

Fillet weld grinders were first developed by Cibo 20 years ago as an extension to the head of an angle grinder.  The aim was to allow easy access into narrow gaps where a fillet weld has been laid.

For most mig weld applications, the weld does not need to be ground out. However, in high quality stainless steel welds, removing the fillet weld to create a smooth finish is an important aspect of the process.  This is why 15 years ago Cibo invented the fillet weld grinder.

But Cibo didn’t stop there.  The Cibo FinitEasy has been the subject of continuous development since then.  The FinitEasy was, and still is the best fillet weld grinder on the market.

Cibo innovation does not stop at developing world leading machinery.  Abrasives are Cibo’s core technology, and in the past 5 years, Cibo have created a whole new range of unitised abrasive wheels and discs for fillet weld grinding.


Follow the links below to see the key fillet weld grinding & polishing disc ranges:

  • GA Combi Discs – the latest Cibo innovation. One disc will remove the fillet weld and leave a finish ready for bright polishing.
  • SA & MA unitised range.  The original fillet weld grinding disc range (plus a number of new Cibo family addtions to make your life easier).
  • TA10 unitised – another new addition to the fillet weld grinding range.  The TA10 discs have a faster cut and a longer life than any other fillet weld grinding disc on the market.
  • Unitised Fillet weld grinding disc range. Click this link to see the whole range of products in one category.