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What is Vienna Chalk used for?

In metal polishing, once you have achieved a good finish with polishing soap, it will be necessary to remove any excess polish, ideally whilst the metal is still warm.  The best way to do this is with Vienna Chalk.

When applied to the metal surface with a soft, lint free cloth, the Vienna Chalk absorbs and removes any excess polish to leave a clean and bright finish.

Can I use InoxiClean spray (SPIC) on mirror polished metal surfaces?

No. Inoxiclean spray cleans and degreases the metal surface, but then it leaves a protective film on the surface which will cause the mirror polish to look dull.

We have created a specific product Called Inoxiclean Foam which is ideal for this role.  InoxiClean Foam cleans, degreases and removes tarnish from mirror polished surfaces.

What is Alu Grind spray (SPAG)?

Think of it as grinding aids in a can.  A light spray on your sanding disc before you start grinding or sanding aluminium will reduce the heat at the grinding interface, preventing the aluminium from loading or clogging up the disc. Thus, Alu Grind has the effect of increasing the speed of cut and the disc life at the same time.

Use it to replace tallow. For more details why not check out the Alu Grind Blog page here.


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