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Beltit Powerfile Arms

Beltit SH arms:

  • Have two locating pins situated 30mm from the bottom end of the arm
  • And have a part number scribed or stamped on the side of the arm


Beltit BT arms:

  • Have a flat foot on the base of the arm which sticks out at 90 degrees to the rotation of the contact wheel
  • Beltit BF arms will also fit onto Dynafile machines

On the Beltit SH arms the contact wheels and pins are fully replaceable.  Please email us with details of the arm specification (written on the side of the contact arm) and we can pricing and availability

Beltit powerfiles are most commonly for three different applications:

  • Working with the belt against the contact wheel when grinding or polishing into a corner
    • e.g.  Beltit arm 50081RB for grinding tig welds in a corner
  • On a side platten if wishing to grind a surface down flat
    • e.g.  Beltit arm 50091B for grinding an edge flat
  • On the slack of the belt for blending curved surfaces and tubes
    • e.g.  Beltit arm 50051BOB   often called the Banana arm (for obvious reasons)

Fundamentally it is down to the operator to select an arm which will suit your specific application and at this point the arm choice will almost certainly choose itself.