Beltit Powerfile Arms

Inter-Changeable Arms for the Beltit BF & SH Powerfile Machines

Beltit powerfile machine arms are available for two different Beltit machines

Beltit SH: As well as having inter-changeable arms the SH machine also has variable speed control unit and for identification purposes it is made with a black motor body casing. 

Beltit BF: The Beltit BF machine has a green motor body and operates with a fixed speed motor.

Instructions for using the filter search below:

  1. Select the machine type (Beltit SH or Beltit BF)
  2. Select the belt length you require (we have arms for belts 457mm, 533mm and 610mm in length available from stock)
  3. Select the belt width you wish to operate with.
Beltit Powerfile Arms

Beltit Powerfile Arms FAQs