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Belt Sizes for Garboli Orbital Tube Polishers

Machine Garboli Orbital Planetary Belt Sander Sizes
  Standard Width Wave Edge Belts
LPC90 262 x 14mm
LPC160 622 x 30mm
LPC160 MIRROR 622 x 30mm
LPC160VS 622 x 15mm
LPC300 940 x 60mm 940 x 50mm
LPC300VS 940 x 30mm 940 x 50mm
LPC300 MIRROR 940 x 60mm 940 x 50mm
LPC400 2000 x 120mm
LPC500 1500 x 90mm
LT130 2000 x 120mm
LT200 1500 x 90mm

The Best Belts for Sanding Straight tubes on a Garboli

The Garboli orbital sanders grind on the slack of the belt which means that the stiffer the abrasive belt the more aggressive the grinding action will be.  When sanding straight tubes on orbital sanders the FX87 ceramic belts are the perfect choice in the coarser abrasive grits (40 to 120 grit) whether you are sanding stainless steel, steel or aluminium.

In the finer grits the KK718 compact grain belts are a great option before finishing with a surface conditioning belts.

Orbital Tube Finishing Belts

We regularly manufacture belts with a wavey edge. This has the effect of reducing the aggression as you go around a curve. We also use the wave edge belts when wet grinding aluminium, to prevent swarf lines being left on the surface of the metal.

The most common 240 grit finish is achieve with a medium scotchbrite / surface conditioning belt. If you require a more aggressive belt prior to that then we would normally recommend either a P80 or a P120 belt.

Q-Rail tube is approximately a 320 grit finish so we recommend using the Very Fine surface conditioning belt as your finish point here.

FX87 Ceramic Belts in P36, P40 or P60 grit – For stock removal and serious damage removal.

If you need to remove mill scale then we would recommend the larger Garboli machines such as the LPC500 which uses a belt 1500 x 90mm.  Our most popular belt for this application is our SKU:  FX87/40/1500×90.  This makes particular sense if you are aiming for a final mirror polished finish.  the Ra on a P36 grit abrasive belt is significantly coarser than a P40 grit (almost 25% deeper).

a few years ago Garboli developed the LPC MIRROR range of orbital tube polishing belt sanders.  Because the abrasive belts are easily changed you can pre-polish with the abrasive belts up to a 2000 grit finish then the mirror polishing can be done using the VT/T00 non-abrasive belts with a liquid polish feed.

You can check out the Garboli MIRROR machines here:  Garboli LPC160 MIRROR