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Tube Notchers & Backstand Grinders

Yes.  The NOK150 doens’t care how thin the wall diameter or size of your tube, obviously there is no need to notch very small diameter tubes but the NOK150 will work all day on tubes right up to 150mm diameter.

The small inital cost outlay will pay back time and time again in terms of savings on abrasive belts which last much longer when run at cooler temperatures and the wet dust filtration ensures a cleaner working environment taking away the grinding swarf which will also improve the lifetime of the working parts.


The NOK150 tube notcher is built on a heavy duty, fully welded frame structure, it has a vice and mounting unit which weighs approximately 30Kg so it won’t move no matter what you do.  When you combine that with the Cibo Ceramic heavy duty abrasives you can grind thick wall pipe to produce consistent, neat notches all day long.