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Machine Specifications for the Cibo Finipower Variable Speed Grinders

Machine Finipower   Finipower Plus
Voltage 110 / 230 V 110 / 230 V
Power Consumption 1700 watt 1700 watt
Power Output 1070 watt 1070 watt
Zero load rpm 700 – 3,000rpm 700 – 3,000rpm
Thread M14 M14
Max Disc Diameter 127mm 127mm
Cable Length 3m 3m

Which Variable Speed Grinder Should I use for Stainless Steel Fabrication?

In recent years it has become standard practice to work with variable speed grinders when sanding, finishing and polishing stainless steel.  There are a number of reasons for this.

  1. Stainless steel heats up quicker than steel which can cause the stainless to work-harden if operating at normal angle grinder speed.  Using a variable speed grinder allows you to control the speed and reduce the heat.
  2. Working at 11,000 rpm it is much harder to control your abrasive disc so working with a variable speed grinder will give much more control on the work-piece thus reducing re-working and damage.
  3. Increased heat will also cause the abrasive to glaze over due to the excessive heat or to wear out quicker when working on stainless steel.  Dropping the speed reduces both of these issues.

Why do I need a more powerful variable speed grinder?

Most grinders in the Uk vary between 650 and 1000 watts in power.  That makes the machine lighter in weight but it also reduces the overall power that can be applied when sanding and polishing.  Using a more powerful grinder will increase the torque and therefore increase the capacity to grind or finish, even at lower speeds.

Which Grinder should I use with the Cibo RCD Rapid Combi Discs?

When sanding stainless tig welds or finishing stainless steel the rapid combi discs operate best at speeds between 3,500 to 4,500 rpm so the Cibo Finipower Plus is the ideal variable speed grinder for these discs.

  • Increased disc life, better finish and lower costs with the Finipower Plus

Cibo Machines Catalogue

Finipower Angle Grinders + Polishers

Think of a cutting tool – nobody uses cutting tools at the same speed, regardless of the type of metal they are cutting. Now, think of your abrasive disc as a cutting tool and the answer becomes obvious.  Reduce the speed when cutting or grinding stainless steel or aluminium and the life time of your disc will increase manifold. In addition to this, the control you have during your process will improved.

The Cibo Finit-All uses a planetary gear drive with a very narrow grinder head, which means that you can get into a 45 degree angle with ease.

The Finit-All is a variable speed grinder which has a minium of 2,000 RPM and a maximum 7,000 RPM which makes it suited to the grinding, finishing and polishing of stainless steel.