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What Stainless Steel Finishing Tools are Made by Cibo?

With Cibo’s reputation for high quality abrasive solutions it was inevitable that they would begin to develop metal finishing tools as well.  25 years ago Cibo began to develop tools for finishing stainless steel.  The first machine they developed was the Cibo Finimaster drum sander.

The Cibo Finimaster:  Today the Finimaster drum sander uses a powerful 1700 watt variable speed motor to drive the abrasive wheels and sleeves that fit onto the machine.  After a number of years Cibo were aware of the challenges faced by working with 100mm diameter wheels. Following extensive development the Finimaster Pro was born.  Working with 120mm diameter wheels and a wider wheel footprint the Finimaster Pro drum sander has made satin polishing with drum sanders and burnishers much easier.

The Cibo FinitEasy:  The FinitEasy is probably the best known of the Cibo finishing tools.  The FinitEasy uses the RebelOne unitised range of fillet weld grinding discs to make fillet weld grinding sanding and polishing easy.

The Cibo Finitube:  The Finitube was not the first tube polisher but it is definitely the best.  Most hand held tube polishers were developed on a wishbone type construction.  This works well for allowing the belts to flex but makes it very difficult when trying to sand around a bend on tubes.  Cibo solved this problem with the development of the Finitube.  Power is taken out to an extended drive wheel which then allows the operator to wrap the abrasive belts around the tube and use the tube as a contact wheel to hold the belts in place whilst going around corners.

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