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Flat Bed Belt Grinding & Deburring Machines

Garboli have three different machine families

  • Garboli DUO which has a maximum width of 150mm
  • Garboli NASTRO belt sander.  Maximum sanding width 300mm
  • Garboli MODULO multi-head machine with a maximum production width of 300mm

The Garboli MODULO has a wet processing system as standard and you can add or remove the processing head at will.  Grinding head options include:

  • Abrasive belt – 300mm wide
  • Brushing head – 300mm wide for scotchbrite, cloth abrasive or convolute wheels
  • Deburring head – 300mm wide.

All heads can be used at position 1, 2 or 3 on the machine.

Yes.  With their many years of experience in metal finishing Garboli developed the MODULO machine with a fully integrated water coolant and filtration system, this gives a number of benefits in the modern factory:

  • no need for additional dust extraction systems
  • improved finish quality on individual components and a more consistent finish from the start to the end of the process.
  • Longer abrasive life.  The cool action reduces the risk of premature abrasive wear and also increases the overall belt life.


That is one of the key benefits of the Garboli MODULO system.  If you need a twin head belt system today then buy that then when you need to design and develop a new product all you need to do is add a third head.

There is nothing to stop you having three or even four different heads for the Garboli  MODULO making one of the most flexible abrasive grinding and finishing machines available on the market today.

The MODULO abrasive belt heads have an option of a single or twin speed operation.

The brush heads have a standard 1400rpm speed operation but can also be fitted with a variable speed control