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In Line Finipower Grinder

If you are only removing light welding, then simply use a coarse FMGRT pad to remove the weld colour. You can then blend with the original metal finish.

That is why we include the 80 grit strips in with the kit.  The 80 grit will cut back more aggressively and you can re-finish and blend the grain with the FMGRT strips.

No, the Finipower InLine is very much a finishing and cleaning tool.

Yes and No! You can certainly put a polished finish in difficult to reach corners where you would struggle to polish with any other tool, but it will of course not be as good as if you used a polishing mop on a spindle polisher.

The finishing head oscillates in one plain only, which creates a straight line sanding finish.  The Finpower Inline reciprocates. In addition it also has variable speed control, which makes it easier to blend the finish with the pre-existing surface.