Garboli Orbital Tube Grinding, Sanding & Polishing Machines

  • Drawn Wire Sanding:  LPC300 – LPC500.  LT range of machines.  With bespoke feed in / out control options and the new Garboli Titan which can work in process to clean and polish drawn wire in process
  • Balustrades & Bull Bar Polishing:  – LPC300 – LPC300 MIRROR.  Grind, finish and mirror polish.  Max 104mm diameter tubes.  The Garboli LPC300 orbital tube polisher is the most popular machine on the market for the stainless steel fabricator.  The addition of the LPC300  MIRROR which ca, as the name suggests, mirror polish tubes opens up fabricators options hugely.
  • Architectural Hardware:  LPC90 – LPC160 – LPC160 MIRROR.  Max diameter 50mm.  Designed for door handle polishing and pre-polishing.
  • Tap & Faucet satin & polishing machines:  LPC160 – LPC160 MIRROR. Maximum tube diameter 50mm (46mm for mirror polishing)

Garboli Centreless Tube Grinders & Polishers (straight tubes):

  • Tube Sanding & Polishing:  LT130 – LT200 – TRIS.  For medium & high volume production.  Max tube diameter 203mm
  • Centreless Polishing & Tube Notching:  NOK150.
  • Centreless Polishing & Box Tube Sanding:  DUO.  89mm diameter tube and 150mm wide box section

Other Tube Processing Machines

  • Square & Round Tube End Deburring:  ROTOR200.  Heavy duty dual action deburring machine from Garboli.  Max diameter 200mm

Want to see Garboli machines in operation?  For a live demonstration visitors are always welcome at our UK demonstration centre in Ripon.

Tube Processing Machines (Garboli)

The LT200 machines are designed for straight tube processing & can be a multi-head installation to allow for single processing and finishing of high volumes of tube up to a maximum 203mm diameter.

The Garboli LPC500 machines can process straight and bent tubes.

The good news is that unlike a centreless machine both machines can cope with tapered or drawn tube which is too uneven to drive consistently through a centrless grinding process.

Garboli offer the option of machines with a wet filtration process integrated with the machine.  in that caase you need no other filtration.

If you choose to buy a dry machine, which comes with a dust extraction out-take point then we strongly advise that you use a dust extraction unit.  not only does it keep the local environment cleaner but it also improves the life of the machine and the abrasive belts.

Garboli machines can process tube from very small diameters right up to 203mm.  Which machine is the correct one for you will depend on a number of factors including

  • The volume of production
  • The amount of material removal you will be grinding
  • How straight, or otherwise your tube is

The maximum tube diameters for the Garboli orbital tube polishers is as follows:

  • LPC90                 25mm
  • LPC160               50mm
  • LPC160 MIRROR  46mm
  • LPC300               50mm
  • LPC300 MIRROR  46mm
  • LPC500               203mm
  • LT130                 203mm
  • LT200                 203mm

If it is a high volume production and your tubes will effectively fit through the Garboli orbital sander then we always recommend going one machine larger.  For example.  On 42mm diameter tubular railing we normally recommend the LPC300 which will give you increased belt life with the flexibility to work around most angles used for balustrading applications.

Garboli have a number of options for sanding, cleaning & polishing drawn wire, both in-line and off-line.

–  A simple adaptation to the LPC160 or LPC300 machines will allow for fine tolerance finishing on smaller diameter wires.

Need to descale drawn wire?

–  For more aggressive sanding and descaling off-line then we can make adaptations to the LT130 machines to allow for good control with low speed grinding (3 – 4 m / min)

–  For high volume in line wire descaling and peeling then we would recommend looking at the new Garboli Titan soon to be launched at the international Wire show.