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Backing pad technology has advanced over the years along with the abrasive disc technology.  Choosing the right backing pad can increase grinding speed and disc life significantly.

Which Backing Pad is Best for Aggressive Grinding with Fibre Sanding Discs?

The new Actirox and FX ceramic sanding discs are designed for high aggression, high speed grinding.  This is not very easy with a flexible backing pad so we recommend the high performance FIH back pads  FIH backing pads have a strong nylon backing construction with cooling fins.

The cooling fins not only allow air to get behind the sanding disc but they also increase the grinding pressure that can be achieved

Which Backing Pad is Best for Sanding Sheet Metal Fabrications?

For finer sheet metal sanding we recommend a more flexible backing pad.  The FIW pads give some flexibility whilst allowing the operator to enjoy the performance benefits of the FX ceramic discs whilst the FIZ, soft backing pads will reduce the aggression of the disc further and would be our recommendation for working with zirconia or aluminium oxide sanding discs.