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Cibo supply only premium quality flexible abrasive sanding sleeves. 

For most woodworking applications our aluminium oxide grit flexible J-weight abrasive cloth backing is the right product but we can supply many other options upon request including

FF97 F-weight highly flexible ceramic abrasive sleeves with a the inclusion of grinding aids. 

FX87 is our stiffer backed ceramic abrasive cloth.  Ideal if you need higher aggression sleeves on aluminium or stainless steel.

HZ72 is our still zirconium oxide abrasive cloth sleeve which is commonly used in coarse grinding of prosthetic moulds.

All of our sleeves are constructed with the Cibo BB tape joints to ensure a smooth chatter free surface.

Flexible Sleeves for Drum Sanders

Although we have a wide range of flexible abrasive materials we recommend using the TJ7 poly cotton backed abrasive cloth.

  • TJ7 uses a premium aluminium oxide abrasive grain which will give a longer abrasive life
  • TJ7 uses a J-weight cloth backing.  Ideal for this application
  • The backing is made with poly-cotton fibres which increases the strength and prevents the sleeve from being ripped in use

If you do not see the belt size you require, please get in touch, as we can often make belts to a specific size.

The sanding and shaping of moulds for prosthetics often involves the removal of large quantities of material.  In our experience the HZ72 polyester backed zirconia sleeves are ideal for this application:

  • The tough zirconia grain gives long sleeve life
  • The strong polyester backing allows the operator to control the grinding pressure well.
  • The waterproof backing means that the sleeves can be rinsed off if required to remove filler dust and increase abrasive sleeve life.

In metal finishing the Cibo Finimaster machine is a popular tool for graining and satin finishing.  You can see those sleeves here:   satin polishing sleeve belts