Portable Belt Sanding Machine Belts

We stock belts for all types of portable belt sanding machine in a range of grit types and sizes. We offer belts in Ceramic, Zirconia, Aluminium Oxide, Trizact and Surface Conditioning grits.

Portable Belt Sanding Machine Belts

Portable Belt Sanding Machine Belts FAQs

  • Why use a Ceramic belt?

    FX87 ceramic abrasive belts are recommended where high pressure/high stock removal is required on stainless steel, steel and aerospace alloys.

  • Why use a Zirconia belt?

    Our HZ72 zirconia belts provide a good compromise between aggression and general purpose finishing on metals from grinding non-ferrous metals to satin finishing stainless steel.

  • Why use an aluminium oxide belt?

    TX52 is our "all weather" industrial belt and is ideal for almost all woodworking applications, it performs well on wide range of materials for stock removal or finishing.

  • Why use a Trizact belt?

    Trizact products are excellent when you need a precise stock removal with a consistent finish.

  • Why use a Ceramic Surface Conditioning belt?

    The coarse scm belts will remove light welds and as you get finer they will blend and finish your work piece.