FMGRT tex Ultra Fine S 1000 grip strip 600mm x 40mm

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SKU: FMGRT/SUF1000/60040 Finimaster tex strip : 600 x 40mm - Ultra Fine S 1000

Please note: This item is available to purchase in increments of 10


Ultra Fine S scotchbrite / tex strips with a velcro facia.

Each pack of 10 strips comes with a free velcro bonding strip to convert the strips into abrasive belts for working around tubes.

The Ultra Fine S strips can be used for a final 320 grit satin finish after preparing the tube surface with the coarser 180 grit or 220 grit FMGRL abrasive strips.

n.b. The Ultra Fine S Fine strips leave a super fine soft bright polished finish.

Turn the abrasive strip velcro facing outwards and join with the velcro strip.

The belts can then be powered using the Cibo FMSB or FMSB/M drive wheels on the Finimaster machines to sand metal tubes.


Finimaster Pro

Grit Size

Ultra Fine S

Cibo Product Code



600 mm


40 mm

Fixing Type


Backing Type

Tex Scotchbrite

Grit Type

Silicon Carbide

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