Actirox Inox 60 grit ceramic fibre discs 115mm x 22mm

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SKU: AF890/60/11522 Actirox 115mm premium ceramic 60 grit fibre discs for grinding stainless and exotic metals   

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AF890 60 grit 115mm x 22mm

AF890 sets new standards in stock removal and grinding speeds when machining superalloys and stainless steel. With the grinding-active TOP SIZE additional layer, the fibre disc minimises unwanted tarnishing and heat-induced material deformations. AF890 achieves its full performance when used with high-speed angle grinders.

Developed for use on superalloy and stainless steel, but also suitable for aluminium, unalloyed steel, and non-ferrous metal.

What are the benefits?

Maximum stock removal thanks to geometrically shaped ceramic grain leads to a reduction in operating costsMore than twice as much stock removal compared to conventional ceramic grain abrasivesIncrease in productivity: More workpieces per unit of time due to fast cuttingExtremely stable dimensions and a durable vulcanized backing satisfy the highest safety requirementsThe tailored and extremely hard back-up pad VSM TURBO PAD 3 leads to a further increase in stock removalCool grinding processes and extended service lives thanks to the additional grinding-active layer


Grit Size

60 grit

Cibo Product Code

AF890 Actirox (Inox)



Centre Hole or Bore


Good For Aluminium

Premium Disc

Good For Stainless

Premium Disc

Good For Steel

Premium Disc

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