Unitised SAG 6 disc 125mm dia x 22mm

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SKU: SAG/6/125 SAG unitised Disc - SA 6 : 125 x 22mm

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115mm SAG grade 6 unitised polishing discs: Weld blueing removal, cleaning, very fine / pre-polish finishing, deburring, scratch removal, the list goes on…

The SAG grade 5 is our most popular disc but we recommend the SAG grade 6 when you need a little more strength in the disc. The increased density means that the SAG grade 6 discs will cope well with burrs and edges whilst still giving an amazingly good, bright finish which is good enough to polish. Ideally the SAG 6 is best used at half a traditional angle grinder speed but it is rated safe to work at 11,000rpm, and many people do.

On Stainless steel the 125mm SAG 6 will:
– Light scratch removal
– Deburr corners and edges
– Pre-polished finish
– Removes P240 grit scratches with ease

On Aluminium the 125mm SAG 6 will:
– Remove & shape corner welds
– Remove oxidation
– Leaves a bright clean surface finish

On Brass the 125mm SAG 6 will:
– Removes quite heavy scratches / damage
– Radius edges
– Blend welds /solder to a bright finish

What is Unitised?

The Rebel One Unitised material is made of a 3D web of nylon threads, impregnated with synthetic resin, to which abrasive grains are added.  This is presses in different layers into plated of a specific density or hardness. 

Why Choose Unitised? 

Unitised was created to solve a problem, Operators often lack the time to master the finesses for a perfect finish, so there is a need for user-friendly and more forgiving abrasive materials.  Unitised is meeting these needs. Unitised stands out from traditional abrasive materials in how they combine sufficient aggressiveness with an outstanding finish. It handles both the pre-sanding and finish.  Users can obtain beautiful results quickly. 

– High level of control

– Cool Grinding

– Uniform finish

Which Unitised Range should you choose?

– Unitised S Line (green) = for removing scratched and correcting sanding errors, pre-polishing.  Wide range of application and used, most universal quality. 

– Unitised M Line (blue) = for removing milling lines and welds, deburring.  More aggressive than the S-Line, with a slightly rougher finish.

– Unitised F Line (yellow) = for removing weld discolouration, varnish and coatings.  Aggressive and extremely flexible. 

– Unitised T Line (red) = for aggressive grinding with fast and controlled stock removal. Aggressive and extremely hard quality.  Fast and controlled stock removal with acceptable finish. 

Grit Size

Density 6

Disc Type

Flat / Flexible Edge

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Centre Hole or Bore

22, 22mm

Good For Stainless

Premium Disc

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Glass Fibre

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