FOV X-Tend ceramic 40 grit flap disc 115mm dia x 22mm

SKU: FOV/40/115 X Tend ceramic flap disc - 40 grit : 115 mm x 22 mm

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FOV 40 grit 115 mm x 22mm Top Line ceramic flap discs with extended flaps easily adapt to the workpiece and give premium performance on non-ferrous metals. stainless and mild steel.

Use for coase grinding.

Use the FOV X-Tend flap discs for:
Heavy duty grinding on internal weld beads
Increased stock removal and better control when grinding angle welds

• Great for grinding out internal weld beads

• Higher available volume of abrasive cloth

• Longer life

• On but welds the flexible edge reduces the risk of undercut

• On curved surfaces you can shape with less risk of flat spotting

• Quickly adapts to the shape of the work piece

• Larger abrasive contact

• Increased control while grinding

• Flexible and comfortable to use

• Excellent finish

Grit Size

40 grit

Disc Type

Extended Edge

Cibo Product Code




Centre Hole or Bore

22, 22mm

Good For Aluminium

Premium Disc

Good For Stainless

Premium Disc

Good For Steel

Premium Disc

Backing Type

Glass Fibre

Grit Type



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