RCD Ultra Coarse Rapid Combi Discs 125mm dia x 22mm

SKU: RCD/UC/125 Rapid Combi Disc - Ultra Coarse (New) : 125mm diameter

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Primarily used on aluminium the RCD ultra coarse 125mm rapid combination is great for mig weld removal and shaping alumiinum curves and corners.

No jumping, no snatching of the metal.

The open structure of the RCD Ultra Coarse disc means that aluminium mig welds can be removed and a surface finish left that is ready for powder caoting without further work.

Save processing and finishing time by using the Ultra Coarse 115mm flap discs to grind aluminum welds before powder coating.

Grit Size

Ultra Coarse

Disc Type

Bevelled / Conical

Cibo Product Code




Centre Hole or Bore


Good For Aluminium

Premium Disc

Good For Stainless

Premium Disc

Backing Type

Glass Fibre

Grit Type

Rapid Combi Disc


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