LVT Surface Conditioning RC2 flap disc 125mm diameter x 22

SKU: LVT/RC2/125 Surface Conditioning flap disc - Medium A : 125 x 22mm

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Medium A 125mm x 22mm Surface Conditioning flap discs (LVT) will blend P120 grit sanding lines and remove paint off steel panels easily and effectively to leave a surface prepared for wet paint or powder coat painting.

5″ Medium A scm flap discs will leave a surface finish similar to a P240 or P280 grit traditional sanding disc.

SCM flap discs were originally developed by Cibo over 10 years ago to create a consistent system with flap discs and are great for deburring, removing scratches and surface damage and leaving a fine soft satin finish.

Grit Size


Disc Type

Bevelled / Conical

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Centre Hole or Bore

22, 22mm

Good For Aluminium

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Good For Stainless

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Backing Type

Glass Fibre

Grit Type

Surface Conditioning


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