Self Adhesive Abrasive Discs

We can manufacture a wide range of self-adhesive stick discs in various materials and dimensions including ceramic, aluminium oxide zirconia and silicon carbide discs which are all made regularly.

Note: All self-adhesive discs are made to order to ensure the longest shelf life for our customers.

Self Adhesive Abrasive Discs

Can I Buy Self-Adhesive Discs From Stock? 


Sadly, the simple, short answer is no.  To ensure the maximum life on your sanding discs all self-adhesive discs are made to order.  please assume a lead time of approximately 7 / 10 days for delivery.

n.b.  All adhesives used for self-adhesive sanding discs can be damaged by poor storage conditions including too high or too low a temperature or too low a humidity.  


Need Sanding Discs more Quickly?


Why not buy from our range of plain sanding discs (available on this page).  Combine them with a can of our SPLA spray adhesive and you are good to go.  Simply lay the disc flat, spray a thin even coat of adhesive on the disc, allow it to rest for 30 seconds and then stick the disc directly onto a clean, dry sanding platten making sure to allow it a little time to dry.  


Which Sanding Discs are Best For Woodworking?


General woodworking:  

Available from 36 grit to 180 grit, KP949 (brown) F weight aluminium oxide paper sanding discs are ideal for a whole range of wood sanding applications


Super Hardwoods: 

Some hardwoods such as ebony can be harder to sand than metal.  When you need to sand these materials we recommend stepping up to the KP950 (blue) zirconium oxide abrasive discs.


Which Sanding Discs Are Recommended for Metalworking?


Steel & Stainless Steel:  

Our KP950 (blue) zirconium oxide abrasive is stronger and more durable than aluminium oxide abrasives and are therefore ideal for sanding & grinding steel & stainless steel



For softer metals we recommend the KP949 (brown) aluminium oxide discs 



Self Adhesive Abrasive Discs FAQs

  • How many discs do I need to buy?

    That depends on the size. Below is a quick guide dependent on disc diameter

    Diameter Quantity
    up to 150mm

    100 discs

    Up to 250mm

    20 discs

    300mm +

    10 discs

  • Can you make a non-standard size?

    Yes. Dependent on quantity of course. We have a vast range of cutting tools at the factory and for a nominal cost we can also make a tool specifically for your needs if required.

  • What is the smallest and largest diameter of disc you can make?

    The smallest self-adhesive abrasive disc we currently make is 19mm in diameter and our largest disc is 915mm!!