FMGU Rubber 60 grit wheel 100mm x 100mm x 19mm keyway

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SKU: FMGU/60/100100 Finimaster Abrasive wheel with a flexible rubber bonding : 100 x 100 x 19mm - 60 grit

Rubber bonded graining wheels are designed for using on satin polishing machines such as the Finimaster Basic.
The abrasive grain bonded into the flexible rubber matrix allows an even grain finish to be put on the workpiece.

FMGU’s are ideally used on stainless steel and non ferrous metals to give a nice shiny brush finish. 

The finish will be shinier than using standard tex wheels. This is because FMGU contains silicon carbide grain while tex wheels are aluminium oxide grains.

They give a very consistent, decorative finish and are forgiving to work with. Just using a wheel manually looks like you’ve created a finish created by an industrial machine.

60 grit is also great for removing small scratches.

Grit Size

60 grit

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100 mm

Grit Type

Aluminium Oxide