Tex V Fine A Lap mop 150mm diameter x 6mm lap

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SKU: TM/AVF/1506 Very Fine A Lap mop : 150 x 6 disc

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150 x 6 lap mops consist of 6 x 150mm discs of Very Fine A tex material stapled together with centre washers which can then be used on a tapered thread / pigtail spindle to create a soft satin surface finish on your metal surface.

Although Very Fine A tex mops have a 240 / 320 grit aluminium oxide abrasive in the mop their soft action means that they are commonly used to blend stainless steel to a nominal 400 grit soft satin finish.

Designed for use on slow speed die grinders, drills and flexible shaft machines.

Grit Size

Very Fine

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Grit Type

Aluminium Oxide