FMCMC Combi 60 grit Flap wheel 120 x 110mm x M14 – CERAMIC

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SKU: FMCMC/60/120110 Interleaved Finimaster wheel - 60 grit : High performance - 60 grit Ceramic Abrasive and Coarse Tex cloth : 120 X 110 X M14

Unofficially re-named ‘The Ginger Ninja’ our new 60 grit ceramic cloth wheels have a surprisingly high durability and cut rate.

Use the Combi 60 grit ceramic wheels for edge shaping surface damage removal and even light scale removal on stainless steel to create a consistent grain finish.

Dependent on the final finish required a fine satin finish can be achieved if the FMCM/60 is followed by either an FMCM/80 wheel or FMTM.

Use with Finimaster Pro machine or M14 driven satin polishing machines.

Recommended operating speed: 2,400 – 3,000rpm
Max operating speed: 4,200rpm

Cibo’s Ceramic Combi Grinding Wheels:

The development of the ceramic combi wheel has created the first grinding wheel that combines an aggressive ceramic linen with a soft tex. This provides a wheel that has two functions.  Press hard and you have an aggressive wheel with a high grinding capacity.  Grind with less pressure and you can easily create a fine smooth finish with this wheel.

Combining these two properties allows you to grind starting with a 2B finish through to a polished finish 220 in one go. 

Furthermore, grinding with this wheel generates a much lower temperature due to the ceramic linen.  This also makes it possible to machine very thin plates without risking deformation caused by the generation of excessive heat.


– Brush thin (curved) plates.

– Clean up surfaces to be welded.

– Remove damage or machine markings and refinish in one go.

– Completely remove mill scale (cold rolled) and brush to industrial finish 220 in one go.

– Prepare surfaces for paints and coatings.

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60 grit

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M14 Thread

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110 mm

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